21 Mar From OTTCON ’12 – A New Subscription Package Coming Soon to FlixFling!



Santa Clara, CA – March 21st, 2012 – Streaming movie service FlixFling and Orb Networks, a leader in digital media streaming products, announce today plans to offer a comprehensive bundle combining FlixFling’s movie subscription service with Orb’s wireless video streaming solution.  This marks a significant breakthrough in the delivery of over the top digital entertainment as the first time a premium content subscription service has included a set-top box with the offer. Following the mobile handset model of subsidizing hardware with a service subscription, this approach will give over the top delivery of movies mass market appeal.

The package, to be sold under the name FlixFling TV, will bundle FlixFling’s unlimited streaming movie subscription with Orb’s Orb TV Wireless Streaming Media Player – giving FlixFling TV subscribers the ability to stream FlixFling movies directly to any television.  Subscribers will receive both a membership to FlixFling and the Orb TV Wireless Streaming Media Player for one low monthly fee.

FlixFling TV will utilize FlixFling’s mobile applications for iOS and Android and Orb’s AllPlay™ for Mobile Devices – an open, cross platform API that enables wireless media streaming – to bring FlixFling’s online service to any screen, using any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet as a remote.

“FlixFling TV will bring streaming movies to a wider range of consumers,” says FlixFling CEO, Thomas Ashley.  “We’re excited to offer a way to watch FlixFling on TV without requiring our customers to invest in expensive new hardware.”

Orb adds, “Not only is this a great win for our customers, it is also a ringing endorsement of Orb’s AllPlay™,” says Joe Costello, CEO of Orb Networks.

“AllPlay changes the playing field for any provider of digital content wanting to expand the usage of their service.  By integrating AllPlay™ into their already powerful apps, FlixFling was able to dramatically enhance functionality letting users output FlixFling movies to any screen.”

FlixFling TV is scheduled to hit the market in April.


FlixFling is an application-based streaming movie service available on the most popular Internet-connected devices including Web, iOS, Android, connected TV, Roku, Orb and more.  Featuring over 8,000 independent and studio titles, FlixFling makes streaming movies easy with its hybrid business model that includes both SVOD and transactional services.  Learn more about FlixFling at www.FlixFling.com.


Based in Oakland, California, Orb Networks, Inc. is the leader in digital media streaming solutions for digital home and remote access applications. The company develops hardware and software, smartphone applications and web application services.