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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to modern parenting.  The days of the female taking on all the child-rearing responsibilities are through and gender equality is the new thing.

No more of this “mom stays home with the kids while dad brings home the bacon” B.S.!  It’s 2011 and it’s time for dad to do some baby-raisin’!

Enter The Stay At Home Dad (Brandon Williams) – a recently unemployed, father of two who’s just trying to hold down the fort while his wife wins the bread.  Sounds like a real stand-up guy, right?  Wrong.

Described as an “Equal Opportunity Offender,” The Stay At Home Dad (or the SAHD) manages to thoroughly insult every fellow adult he encounters.  From a vegan mom at the playground to an interracial couple at a kid’s birthday party to an over-the-hill mom-to-be at the park, the SAHD holds nothing back.  He’s unapologetic, crude and downright irresponsible.  That’s right ladies, you wanted your man to stay home with the kids – well, you’ve got it.

You may dislike the SAHD, in fact, you may absolutely loathe his behavior – which makes it even more enjoyable to watch him get skewered by a slew of young mothers, lambasted by his in-laws and made incredibly uncomfortable by an overly-enthusiastic gay couple in reply to his inappropriate remarks.  He dishes it out and gets it back in spades – making this series one that’s unbelievably crazy and outrageously funny.

Episode Note: Be sure to catch George Wendt as the SAHD’s unrelenting father-in-law in the episode “Holiday Nuts.”

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