04 Aug Bikini Bloodbath Christmas

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After being stalked by a Killer Chef in Bikini Bloodbath, and then again by the same back-from-the-dead Killer Chef in Bikini Bloodbath Carwash, Jenny and Sharon are back. This time Ms. Johnson is in a coma, and the girls, along with their new friends, find themselves working at Mrs. Johnson’s (Ms. Johnson’s British cross-dressing sister) Bong Shoppe. Team Bong Shoppe is embattled in fierce competition for holiday business with a Christian Deli across the way. Things get a little crazy and in the heat of the moment Jenny once again accidentally resurrects the Killer Chef. Still, in the true spirit of Christmas the girls put their rivalry and self preservation instincts aside and invite everyone to a big holiday bash with eggnog! Mysteriously people at the party start disappearing to death. Who could be killing them? It could be anybody at the party! Who will live? Who will die? Who’s top’s will come off? And most importantly, who will win the epic eggnog wrestling match?