03 Aug Against The Law

Against The Law

It’s high noon in the desert when Rex stops at a diner where he challenges a local cop to a stand-off, in the style of Old West movie star John Wayne. At first, the cop thinks the chaps-clad kid is joking, but Rex persists. "Are you fast?" he asks the cop. When the officer informs that indeed, he is fast; Rex takes this as a challenge and downs him with a single shot. He is only just begun to prove to the world that he is the fastest gun in the West. Meanwhile, in the heart of Los Angeles, hard-drinking cop John Shepard is on a drug stakeout that escalates into a shootout. When Shepard shoots and kills one of L.A.’s most notorious drug dealers, Shepard is dubbed a hero. Rex is making his way towards Los Angeles in his red convertible, leaving in his path a wake of dead cops. In a final showdown as tense as the battles at high noon, Rex meets Shepard.